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welcome to the digital reinvention of the textile industry
you are an independent designer
Are you ready to start your first data driven production based on new environmental standards?
The amui platform offers all options in a number of applications that you need to create a collection. The digitalized steps enable an easy handling of production preparations such as grading, cut plans, digital sampling, worksheets and production monitoring. Producing your own fashion collection never has been easier.
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you are a fashion brand
Looking for reliable and sustainable production facilities, which garantee the best results?
The amui platform offers fashion brands all options in a number of applications that you need to create a large-scale production. The digitized steps enable you easy handling of production preparations such as grading, cut plans, digital samples, worksheets and production monitoring, as well as 3D Modelling and creating a virtual sample room. Large-scale data-driven fashion productions have now the chance to be economically and enviromentally sustainable.
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you are a textile manufacturer
Would you like to have new customers that suit your high standards?
The amui platform offers textile manufacturers access to various designers and fashion brands. They are interested in working with manufacturers whose production lines are digitized and which guarantee a transparent production. Also production on demand is the future and we are now in a process of transformation, where we need all those visionaries like you in the textile industry.
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you are fashion retailer
Are you looking for innovative and sustainable garments for your customers?
The amui platform offers fashion retailers access to a wide and diverse range of international designer and fashion brand. They created collections which meet the new needs of customers who value transparency, ethics and sustainability. You have the vision for a new retail market that works on demand and orders only what customers ask for and really need.
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you are a fashion lover
Are you choosing consciously designer clothing or brands that offer ethics and transparency in their production chain?
The amui platform offers consumers access to a wide and diverse range of international designer and fashion brands that are tailored to new needs and appreciate transparency, ethics and sustainability in their collections. Stay up to date and subscribe to a newsletter that will inform you about completely new ways of experiencing and consuming fashion in today's world.
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you are a visionary
Do you also see the need for drastic changes in manufacturing and the opportunity through digitization?
Just as we understand the absolute necessity that textile production, in order to relieve nature and people completely, has to offer ethics and transparency in it‘s manufactoring chains? A new era is coming where all production has to be reconditioned to digitalization of the entire value chain. The amui platform, through its access to a wide and diverse range of international designer and fashion brands, digital production facilities and innovative suppliers, offers a whole new world of sales where the customer pays a real price for his garment. For this we need visionaries like you who invest in the future.
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The platform in the making
A digital home for all stakeholders within the fashion industry
  • For creatives talents
    Our platform helps fashion designers to follow their ethical standards along the fashion creation process, work independently, find the right producers and be closer to their clients when it comes to production on demand. We offer a simple system of driving an own production with all technical and creative support easily.
  • For innovative manufacturer
    Our platform helps producer and suppliers to offer a transparent supply chain by a data driven production who follows assembled mindsets for to set a new way of manufacturing - Hightech meets Craftsmanship.
  • For consciousness consumer
    Our platform helps consumers to find products who are made on a transparent and sustainable supply chain, only in the quantity which is needed. The Designer and Brands are displaying here their eco friendly collections powered or produced by amui. Do you follow the same high standards of humanity and environmental friendliness? Become a fan and a friend of amui space on- and offline.
that's who we are
For the love of creativity, fashion and the environment
We combine high-tech with craftsmanship.
We connect designers, producers and consumers directly with one another in order to achieve better, cleaner and tailor-made production through digital data-controlled manufacture.
We live our vision of a new textile world that is geared towards the real needs of consumers and not of those determined by market and price. In the past, this was at the expense of people and nature.
We are facing big changes - let's do it! amui = together.
our journey so far
what our network says
  • Amui.Space is the ideal chance for me to launch and establish my own label on the market. With their help I have learned how to develop a collection and how to optimally combine design, positioning and resources.

    Amui.Space brings designers together with producers and thus enables a direct, effective and fast cooperation.

    amui designer
  • I believe that it is very interesting, how markets are changing today. Especially, regarding individuality which the new generations are longing for. They no longer ask any questions about that. However, the challenge for the industry is to integrate these changes into its processes.

    Michael Scherpe
    President & CEO of Fair Frankfurt France
  • I am very happy to be here at Neonyt, where the FRANKfurtstyleaward presents the premiere of the partnership with During these days we showcase the success story of one of our winners: Eva Ruthe. She won the "FRANK for Future Award 2019" at THE ARTS+ in Frankfurt in October 2019 during the International Book Fair.

    Hannemie Stitz Krämer
    Founder and President of FRANKFURT Style Awards
impressions of the current designer collections powered by amui